Welcome to a working example of kokm: Your Digital Workplace.

kokm is one place to work. learn, share and sell.  A digital workplace integrating work and learning.

kokm enables teams to solve problems, work, learn and generate ideas together across work silos, helping them do their jobs better, faster and at lower costs. 

This example kokm platform demonstrates the capability of Kokm to be your eCommerce enabled Business Website and high powered digital workplace platform or Employee Portal. 

To log in and see the digital workplace platform in action please contact us.

Amazing Value

Effective Dialogue

Collaborate, chat and video conference.

Rich Media Portal

JoHari's Window

Build your Corporate video portal with video channels for all your teams.

Learning Management

Next Generation Learning - Today!

Digital Workplace

Lead your digital transformation with your digital workplace.  Seize the digital eco-system opportunity!

What our client's say...

  • Our business was looking for a state of the art system to allow our members to collaborate more effectively with each other.

    The platform is vital to Expedite as we run physical networking events, but a key part of that is what the members take away, learn and implement in their organisations following the sessions.  Without the platform we wouldn’t be able to follow through on a number of our values central to the membership.

    I can’t recommend Kokm highly enough.

  • We identified the potential of using the Kokm platform to solve a problem we had been addressing for many months: how to offer our expertise and knowledge to clients through an online platform. The Kokm team has continued to provide excellent support, responding promptly to questions and addressing our issues.

  • We were looking for a product that would support us in acting as a ‘portal’ for our e-learning programme. This had been developed by a large national learning technology company using a ‘Gomo’ authoring tool and was a SCORM compliant product.

  • “I recently reviewed Kokm.  It offers a rich (and well integrated) environment that should do a very good job to support structured, social and on-the-job learning and development."

    Charles Jennings 

  • My overall experience has been a very positive one and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to those looking for a great product and team to partner with.

    Thank you kokm!

kokm is one place to work, learn, share and sell

Working for you

kokm is your business website or employee and extended enterprise portal offering what you would expect from a modern website and a high powered multi-featured platform in the cloud.


kokm offers highly featured course and blended learning capability.  Blend classroom and face to face events with elearning.  Advanced course capability provides what a modern learning eco-system needs to deliver engagement and knowledge acquisition and retention for improved performance.


kokm's modern social intranet capabilities are seamlessly integrated into the interface making it easy for uses to communicate and collaborate.


kokm is fully eCommerce enabled to enable you to sell your intellectual property from events to eBooks to resources to courses and more.  kokm comes with 5 shops out of the box to enable you to get going and earn revenue quickly.

kokm is not a fixed solution but a flexible learning and knowledge eco-system that shapes to meet your needs


kokm can change to meet your branding requirements and external facing needs.


kokm has great ability to adapt the core strengths of its capability to meet specific design and workflow needs for your business.


kokm delivers a very highly featured set of knowledge and learning capabilities that continue to grow.


kokm can offer integration to key systems to enable your knowledge eco-system and other platforms to communicate seamlessly to the user.

kokm partners with organisations that want an easy, simple to administrate, highly featured, competitive platform and modern website that makes it easy to:

Streamline Communication

Capture, access and share knowledge

Work together efficiently

Build engagement

kokm is designed to help people work, learn, collaborate and find information anywhere, on any device

Capture desktops, webcam and video on the move and share instantly

World leading video management and streaming capability with Video quizzing

Use web-conferencing to quickly communicate

Work together or in private groups

Improve your business performance today!

Learn how kokm's capabilities can help your business succeed!

Is kokm right for me?

Kokm can help businesses of all sizes work smarter and move faster.  

Kokm is great for an organisation wanting to have one portal or place to work, learn, share and even sell!  

It can be your whole business website with a great design or a place for your people and extended enterprise to work together.

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